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He Was Lowkey So Fine, 2019; 1 minute excerpt

He Was Lowkey So Fine, navigates my complicated relationship between gender and race. It viscerally mines internalized anti-black thought born through my own sexually violent relationships with black, male partners. This work brings into question flattening (read, dehumanizing) ideas of black women's endurance and strength; our ability to work through pain and harm in order to prioritize the fight against racialized violence. In my own interiority, the same attitude toward violent acts against the femme body is often put on hold. This work uses quotes from black feminist theorist writings and figures including Afeni Shakur, Angela Davis, Vanessa D. Dickerson, and Beyoncé. The only way out is through, and this work breaks down and navigates my own harmful and perpetuating thoughts and experiences in the hopes to find healing and goodness on the other side. 

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